Eco-Friendly Water Heater Solutions

water heater being installedWater heating is an essential part of most homes. Homes use hot water for dishwashing, showering, and laundry. Water heating constitutes a significant portion of your monthly energy costs, and it is something you cannot do without.

There are however various innovations in the water heating sector to minimize your water heating energy consumption. These water heaters efficiently help you play a significant part in environmental conservation from your home in Salt Lake City.

Whipple Service Champions cites some of the eco-friendly solutions you can select for your water heater.

Hot Water Recirculation Systems

Some of the older hot water systems flush water that has been in the hot water line for some time and grown cold down the drain. Newer eco-friendly water heaters have a recirculation system.

A timer, motion sensor, thermostat or button activates this system. A pump then re-circulates the cold water back into your system rather than discarding it.

Solar Water Heaters

These heaters use solar energy as their fuel source. Not only does this significantly reduce your energy bill, but it is also a renewable energy source.

Solar water heaters do not require substantial maintenance works, unlike most conventional water heating options. This option reduces your dependency on fossil fuel, hence efficiently reducing carbon emission.

Heat Recovery Systems

These are among the newest technological innovations in the water heating industry. Drain-water heat recovery fixtures are installed under your drains, tubs, and showers.

These systems recover the heat from your used water and re-circulate it back to your hot water faucets and showerheads. This efficiently reduces your energy consumption for water heating.

These solutions will unfortunately not be as efficient if not installed professionally. It is hence essential to get a certified plumber to handle your installation.

Environmental conservation is crucial to ensure the sustainability of life in the future. By investing in these water heating solutions, you can support environmental protection.