Edible Gardening Gems for Beginners

gardenMany people are starting to realize the unique advantages of edible gardening. With the rising prices of some herbs and spices, along with the increasing costs of vegetables, it only makes sense to grow your own food. Apart from your own consumption, planting edibles in your backyard can bring a profitable fruit of labor.

Anyone who has the time, patience, and dedication, can do edible gardening. You don’t have to be an experienced green thumb to cultivate your own homegrown produce. All you need is basic knowledge to set you on the right track.

Go for Easy-to-Grow Plants

Planting easy-to-grow herbs and vegetables means less work and fast harvests. Bush beans, carrots, radishes, basil, and cucumbers are some of the crops that require little effort as long as they have the essentials: fertile soil, sunlight, and water. Keep in mind, however, that every plant needs a certain method of care and thrives best in a particular climate. Buy a seed that suits your area and soil type.

Use Raised Beds

If your backyard is a barren land—sandy, clay-like, or contaminated—then a great option for you is to cultivate your edibles in raised beds. This can save you the time and effort to improve the soil quality. Simply fill your raised beds with premium, nutritious soil to cultivate your plants with a greater chance of success.

Create Container Gardens

Having no yard is not a hindrance to start your gardening project. Building a container garden is the best solution if you are living in an apartment or any urban environment with limited access to outdoor space for growing crops.

Just plant your edibles in containers, such as cans and pots. Make sure they receive an adequate amount of sunlight and water regularly. As these containers don’t hold enough nutrition for your plants, add some organic fertilizers occasionally to give them more food for optimal growth.

Edible gardening is a worthwhile endeavor. It’s a great way to pursue your passion and reap practical and health benefits.