Equipment Used for Professional Mold Remediation

black mold buildupWhen water damage occurs, its effects are devastating. Unfortunately, the impact can be felt long after you think your DIY measures have dried up the damaged area. This is perhaps because your DIY measures are generally inefficient.

One of the detrimental effects of water-damaged interiors dried in the wrong way is mold. When dealing with mold remediation, it’s best to hire water damage restoration professionals in Sandy, UT that have expertise and equipment to carry out the task.

Here are some machines professionals used for mold removal:

HEPA Vacuum

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuuming is one of the most efficient machines used to remove mold. This vacuum gets rid of mold spores left by other drying methods, which are among the leading causes of mold re-growth. The technique used is known as air scrubbing. The HEPA vacuum is precisely positioned to reduce the chances of mold spores getting blown away and spreading all over your drying space.

Exhaust Fans

These types of equipment suck mold spores from wet environments and avert the accumulation of excess moisture. The fans are used with negative pressure, which forces the mold spores toward a single direction rather than spreading them throughout the affected area. There are different sizes of exhaust fans used for mold remediation, and the ideal one depends on the size of your affected area.

Media Blasting Machines

These machines use dry ice, grit and sand, water and baking soda to remove mold. Water is often used for air ducts, gravel, and sand for rough surfaces and baking soda for smooth materials. Dry ice is used in place of other media since it takes minimal time and effort.

Before deciding on the best among the above equipment for your property’s mold remediation, the experts assess the infestation first to ensure the success of their remediation efforts. Although thorough mold remediation is a bit costly, it can prevent your property from being condemned and your household from contracting health problems.