Factors that Influence Your Choice of a Sprinkler System

Sprinkler SystemThere are two types of sprinklers: rotor type and spray type sprinklers. Rotor sprinklers rotate streams of water in circles or back and forth over your landscape. Spray heads spread water in a fan-shaped pattern.

Hire a reputable company that offers sprinkler installation services in Utah to save money and water. Selecting the right sprinkler system for your landscape is also important to prevent water wastage.

Here are some factors that may influence the selection process:

Your Land Topography

For regular sized residential yards, rotary heads are typically the better choice. For land more than 30’x 30’, rotors are the ideal option. If your area is long and narrow, approximately 12’-28’ wide, rotary nozzles are appropriate. Small rotary nozzles and spray type sprinklers are the best for a land with curved edges less than 20 degrees in radius. This is because rotors with long radii might over spray the edges.

Desired Water Pressure

Spray heads need about 20-30 PSI of pressure for efficient operation. The pressure of your rotary sprinkler heads should exceed the distance between their heads. If your rotors are 35 feet apart, for instance, then your sprinkler head pressure will be 35 PSI. Most residential inlet rotors are ¾’’. These work best at 25-35 feet apart.


Regardless of your sprinkler type, the price per square foot with the correct design is typically the same. Rotary nozzles and rotors need fewer trenches and pipes, but the rotors are expensive. Spray heads need more pipe and trenches for installation, but they cost less.

The two primary materials used in sprinklers are plastic and metal. Manufacturers use plastic mostly because it reduces manufacturing costs. Most of the plastic sprinklers available today are well engineered and are as durable as metal sprinklers. They also have a better water pattern than metal sprinklers.