First Smart Ceiling Fan Has Brilliant Features


After decades with no scientific breakthroughs, SenseMe technology revolutionizes ceiling fans with the addition of an on-board computer and sensors into the design. Dubbed as the world’s first smart ceiling fan, these innovative home fixtures are exclusively available on Haiku.

A Mind of Its Own

SenseMe is so advanced, this technology knows when a person enters or leaves the room. As a result, it automatically turns the Haiku on and off without any switch whatsoever. This cutting-edge device is capable of monitoring the room’s humidity and temperature to instinctively adjust the fan’s speed based on the condition. Over time, SenseMe ceiling fans can learn the user’s comfort preference to tailor speed adjustments.

Mode to Improve the Wake-Up Feeling

Haiku products with SenseMe are the first ceiling fans that are controllable by a smartphone app. The application is primarily used to select certain control modes or set schedules for the fan and light. One of the modes is called the Gradual Awake, which accelerates the fan’s speed bit by bit for a more pleasant morning wake up.

To learn more features and some technical details of SenseMe, watch this.