Flooding in Utah: Its Impact on Your Health

A road sign submerged in a floodUtah has one of the most varied landscapes and even climates in the country. Some regions may receive less precipitation than the others. Snowfall can be very heavy in the Wasatch Range. While this is perfect for avid skiers, it may increase the risk of overflow during spring. In other words, flooding, including flash floods, can occur in Utah.

How flooding affects health

It’s a given flooding can cause a major disruption in your daily activities. Roads can become impassable, and some sections of your house like the basement may be unusable. But the bigger concern is its impact on your health.

Flooding can increase the risk of certain communicable diseases including typhoid fever and hepatitis A due to possible contamination of drinking water. Depending on the disease, it may be life threatening to high-risk groups like young children and seniors. It may lead to serious complications such as organ damage.

It may also lead to dehydration and poor nutrition as people don’t have immediate and easy access to water and food supplies. It can also increase the chances of infection with people developing open wounds.

Mold growth

The disaster can also increase the level of moisture in a home, which may encourage the growth of molds. Exposure to the fungi has a strong connection with the increased risk of respiratory symptoms. These include coughing and wheezing.

Detecting molds is easy since it tends to emit a musty smell, but they can also build up without your knowledge. Remnants of the flood may remain on the crevices or the cracks on the wall, for example.

Who cleans up the mold depends on the seriousness of the problem. If it is extensive, covering no less than 10 square feet, it is necessary to call professional mold clean-up specialists in Utah.

These experts work together as a team to speed up the removal process. They can also assist you in remediation and restoration. Most of all, the company can give you a detailed plan to help you manage and even eliminate mold growth regularly.