Four Materials Used for Garage Doors

White garage doorChoosing the perfect door for your garage would involve considering several factors. You want to take note of the character of your home to determine a style that would blend well. You also need to consider your budget and the level of security you intend to achieve. Price’s Guaranteed Doors suggests that you must think about the typical weather conditions experienced in your area. Here are four common materials you could consider when choosing a garage door in Utah.


Aluminum is rust resistant. This is one of the main reasons why it is a highly preferred material used in the fabrication of garage doors. It is best for caustic environments or areas that are mainly humid all year round. If you want to achieve a more contemporary style, you could have the solid panels of your doors replaced by frosted glass or aluminum.


Steel garage doors come in a vast range of shades and insulation. The qualities of the door you choose would determine the costs that would apply. You can find non-insulated doors, polyurethane insulated (2 inches) doors, premium three-layer, single-layer and entry-level just to mention a few.


The distinctive appearance of wood is unmistakable. Garage doors could be manufactured using factory treated redwood, cedar or cypress to make them moisture-resistant. One of the prime benefits of wood is that it is flexible and hence ideal for a range of custom designs. On the downside, wooden garage doors often call for more maintenance.

Composite Wood

Composite wood is durable and easy to maintain. Thanks to technological advancements, you could get doors made of composite wood that look quite similar to their real wood counterparts. The prime advantage of this option is that numerous natural wood drawbacks such as shrinking, splitting, rotting and cracking are eliminated.

Deciding on the garage door material to choose is the most challenging part. Once you have made your pick, you can now consider aspects like size and design. You have the option of choosing between ready-made doors and doors that are configured to suit your particular needs.