Fun DIY Christmas Décor for Your Yard

DIY Christmas DécorIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to bring out (or buy) holiday decors but if you’re looking for fun, inexpensive ways to decorate your yards this Christmas, here are some DIY holiday projects you can try!

  • Build an animated lights tree.

Whether you have a DIY aluminum fence or a more country chic wood fence, the easiest way to decorate it is to drape a string of lights. This holiday, give it a little more effort and create a tree of lights which could be the focal point of your yard. You can do this by using a basketball pool, gutter hooks, light stakes, a string of C7 light strings and a tree topper. It creates a simple but stunning lights display that could even win you the best holiday décor award in your community.

  • Consider an outdoor Christmas tree.

If you have evergreen trees in your garden, why not dress them up for the holidays? Of course, you don’t need to decorate them with your heirloom decor. You can make simple, inexpensive holiday trinkets for your outdoor tree, add a string of outdoor lights and voila, you have yourself an outdoor Christmas tree.

  • Create lighted topiary animals.

Dressing up your topiary animals with string lights is always a good idea. Don’t just stop with one. Decorate an entire group! Don’t have one? Buy artificial greenery from your local gardening store and create seasonal-themed topiary animals. For the holidays, make sure Rudolf’s in attendance.

  • Write messages using mini lights.

Use strings of mini lights to spell out some Christmas messages on your yard. Don’t have a big yard? You can use huge cardboard to write your message on and jazz it up with the lights. You can use more than one color to make the showpiece even more dynamic.

Christmas will be here before you know it. We hope these simple things can help you upgrade your holiday décor this year and bring Christmas cheer to anyone who passes by your home.