Getting a New Roof? Make Sure You Hire a Licensed Roofer

Roof Services in PerthThe single, largest immovable component of your home is the roof, and it is also one of the most expensive. So, it pays to make sure you get your choice right the first time, or you can end up with one not suited for the Perth weather, or one that is too heavy for the frame of your home. Additionally, since it sits on the highest part of your house, it is wiser, not to mention safer, for you to get a pro install it.

So, when it comes to choosing among the numerous roofing companies in Perth, limit your options to those that carry licenses. Remember: roofers have risky, even dangerous jobs, and having a license indicates they have undergone the necessary prerequisite training qualifying them to carry out these difficult tasks.

Government-mandated roofing licenses

Roofing contractors in all states and territories in Australia need a business license in order to be in compliance with the building and construction codes set by the government. In Western Australia, which includes Perth, the Depart of Commerce’s Building Commission requires licensure for contractors who will work with roofing projects costing more than $20,000. There are two types of license roofers can obtain: a practitioner’s license and a contractor’s license.

Being licenced means more than just meeting government requirements

You want to work with a licensed roofing company in Perth because it gives you the assurance you are dealing with legitimate and qualified professionals. Again, before roofers can obtain a license, they need to show the governing authorities they can complete these complex tasks and that they can do it satisfactorily.

But, this goes beyond compliance. Most licensed roofing service providers are insured, and also make certain their employees carry worker’s insurance. Both types of policies protect you from liabilities in case an accident takes place while the roofers are working inside your property.