Got a Crawlspace? Here’s What You Need to Know

Crawlspace in the houses in U.S.Houses that don’t have basements or slabs of cement as foundations typically have a crawlspace for reaching ventilation, plumbing, and electrical hookups around the house. Crawlspaces make it easier for homeowners and contractors to reach these hard-to-access areas for installation and repairs.

In addition, residential houses that are located in areas where flooding is an issue usually utilize crawlspaces as kind of a backup space in case of extreme flooding, wherein flood water will fill the space prior to seeping inside the house. However, federal organizations require strict codes and regulations for building crawlspaces in flood-prone locations in the US.

The Problem with Crawlspaces

Yes, crawlspaces are very useful, but can also be very problematic due to a host of reasons, which typically include the following:

  • Moisture Issues – Those who live in humid and hot climates typically encounter excessive moisture buildup in their crawlspaces. This is typical in older houses that have vented, instead of sealed crawlspaces. If not addressed properly and earlier, accumulated moisture will result in a build-up of mildew, mold, as well as other microorganisms that could endanger your health, says American Basement Solutions, a crawlspace repair specialist in Indianapolis.
  • Pests – Improperly sealed crawlspaces will attract all kinds of pests. Furthermore, the moisture and warmth that are typical in unimproved and ventilated crawlspaces could make them specifically appealing to pests.
  • Subpar Insulation – The energy efficiency of a house’s HVAC equipment will be reduced in older houses that have unimproved or low-quality crawlspaces.

Addressing Crawlspace Issues

If you have concerns about your crawlspaces, you should contact a contractor that’s experienced in crawlspace mold remediation, moisture prevention, as well as encapsulation. In the event that your crawlspace is home to different pests, however, you should first contact a pest control expert before you can do any renovations to the crawlspace.

However, you should also be aware that because crawlspaces are somewhat intimidating to many homeowners, you would likely come across some deceitful contractors. They use deceptive scare tactics, which include persuading homeowners that they require immediate crawlspace repair and then trick them into availing of unnecessary “special” services. So do your research and remember that when in doubt, it’s always best to go with an experienced and established local contractor.