Granny Flats – Getting the Concept Right

Granny Flats in PerthThe trend of turning a garage or a garden storage area into an apartment has changed the way people think about living spaces. There are quite a few Perth builders offering granny flats for sale – these miniature and all contained homes are very much in demand.  Whether one wants to use it as a mother-in-law suite, rent it out or even as a home office, the potential is immense.

In Australia, granny flat is a term, which denotes a secondary building on a property. According to Granny Flats WA, granny flats are micro homes in your back yard. It can be built as an extension to the main house, built in the space of a garage or even be a freestanding structure. In many cases, it is easier to just build a new one instead of trying to renovate. Whether you are trying to get a new flat built, consider the following elements.

What to look for in a Granny Flat design

The size of a room:  Make sure to check out the size of every room in the apartment. If the information leaflet doesn’t have any detail, ask the builder for it. This is important, as the furniture has to fit in to make the space liveable. Basics like a bed and nightstand in the bedroom, small dining table or stools at an eating counter and living room furniture should be accommodated.

Plumbing:  Even though a granny flat takes up little space, it will still need all the amenities of a regular home. Perth architects and granny flat builders work together to ensure that the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas are close together to make plumbing more streamlined. Since the line into the home will be one point, the closer they are placed, the less expensive the construction will be. Look at the position of water and sewage pipes on the property. Building closer to them will reduce the overall cost of the new flat.

Light:  A bright and well-ventilated space makes for a happy home and occupant. According to the Australian government regulations, even granny flats have to meet a six star energy rating. Making sure that the windows are positioned well as this will cut down on the need for a lot of lighting. Choose the location well and make sure to choose double glazed windows based on the ambient climate.

Paint colours:  There are so many choices as far as colours go, but the best thing to do is keep it simple. If it is part of a home, then paint the exterior to match the existing structure. Even on the inside, neutral colours for the walls, carpet and even tiles will help if you ever decide to sell. Neutral colours will let the person renting or living in the flat decorate as they like.