Green, Green Grass of Home: Tips for a Darker Green Lawn

Nothing is more frustrating than looking over the fence to see green grass on your neighbour’s lawn after trying so hard to achieve the same in yours. When your backyard is full of yellow and brown patches, it is easy to lose motivation in revitalising the area. After all, it would take a lot of effort and money to revive the soon-to-be dead lawn.

The grass, however, does not always have to be greener just on the other side. It’s easy to revive an unhealthy yard with simple care tips. You, too, can make your grass lush and greener with these lawn maintenance tips from Allenview Turf.

Feed the Grass

A nutrient-insufficient lawn leads to yellow and brown patches. Lawn fertiliser can keep your lawn strong and bright all season. The right fertiliser will produce thicker grass, crowd out weed, and survive the stress of drought and heat.

Cut at the Right Height

A lawn weakens and becomes more prone to disease if the grass is cut too short. Ideally, you should never cut the grass shorter than 2.5 cm. According to the Department of Agriculture Australia, it is best to adjust cutting based on the season. Be sure to cut shorter in active growth and longer at the end of the season.

Water Right

You don’t need to have a state-of-the-art irrigation system to keep your lawn hydrated. Watering at the right time helps the grass roots grow deep. Make sure to water early in the morning to prevent evaporation. When it comes to watering duration or period, it still depends on weather conditions and the type of soil.

Weed Out Weeds

Weed spreads rapidly without addressing the problem quickly. Avoid weed-removal products that should be applied to the entire lawn. It is best to spot-treat affected areas using a liquid herbicide. You can also cover vacant areas with groundcover plants or mulch to stop weeds from growing in the first place.

Maintaining a green and healthy lawn is a great way to increase the beauty and value of your property. Lawn requires sufficient amount of water and fertiliser, including the proper mowing habit. Seeking professional advice can also help you maintain or repair a damaged lawn.