Guard the Yard: How to Childproof Your Outdoor Space

children playing in the lawnYou may think that you’ve childproofed your home well, but you may have forgotten this one crucial bit: your yard. Your yard is where your children often spend most of their time. If not planned properly, the outdoor space could well be the place where falls, drowning, or poisoning occur.

Before any of these things happen, childproof your yard with these tips:

Put up Fences

This will help in keeping children in, preventing them from wandering into hazardous areas. You can put up your fence around the perimeter of your yard, so your kids do not suddenly step into oncoming traffic.

You can also install aluminum fences around specific areas, like the pool or garden. suggests choosing panels that have gone through rail strength test to ensure your peace of mind.

The overall goal here is to keep your children safe from harm, especially when they’re outdoors.

Cushion the Ground

To protect children from injuries, in case play gets a little intense, it’s important to have soft landings. Replace concrete areas with fake turf or padded foams. It’s better to throw out pea gravel as well if you have those, as kids might put them in their mouths. Not only are they dirty, but they can also cause choking.

Root Them Out

Get rid of toxic plants immediately. Similar to pea gravel, your kid might swallow them. Mushrooms and oleander are common in most homes. Make sure to remove prickly plants as well, like cactus, roses, and the like. If you’re not sure about the plants growing in your yard, it’s best to call a landscaper for guidance.


Pieces of wood, broken glass, and other objects that could harm your kids may sit around your yard. Throw them out. Decluttering your outdoor space isn’t just for an aesthetic purpose, but it’s also a safety measure.

Childproofing your home isn’t just for the inside; don’t forget the exterior part of your property. With sufficient care, your kids can explore and play safely whether they’re in the living area of the yard.