Hello Renovation! Five Home Trends for 2017

Trendy Home The New Year ushers in new trends. While changing your wardrobe to match this year’s fashion is easier than changing your whole home interiors to make it look trendy, it is not at all impossible.

For a home that features designs like those you’d find in a magazine, get ideas from home builders from Denver, Colorado, who can customize houses.

These builders provide a portfolio showcasing works like the “Modern Craftsman” or “Urban Mountain Contemporary.” Both homes have elements that are part of this year’s design trends. To be more specific, check out the five home trends in the list below:

Green Green is the color of the year. Green represents refreshment and revitalization. It’s also a welcome change in your homes. Use the color on your furniture or in your wall paints.

Patterns More often than not, the trends you see in fashion are also applicable to interior home designs. Patterned bedsheets and comforters can add a modern look to your place. It also adds an urban statement to a design.

Faux Materials Who says getting into the trend means busting your budget? Faux materials are not limited to faux animal rugs and other home embellishment pieces. Faux materials (i.e., faux wood and marble) often come with reasonable price tags, which make these items a practical alternative to authentic materials.   Jewel Tones To match the color of the year, use jewel tones like amethyst, pastel colors, and deep emerald to complete your home’s 2017 vibe.

Smart Home 2017 marks the era of smart home accessories to accommodate people’s growing reliance on their gadgets. This includes embedding plugs and sockets in walls. Advanced home security features will also be rolled out.

Out with the old and in with the new. With some creative twists, you can embrace the 2017 trends without busting your budget for the year.