Helpful Tips To Care For Your Bamboo Sheets

Bed Sheets and Pillow

Bamboo sheets are becoming popular not just because of its natural attributes but also for its luxurious softness, its ability to absorb moisture from your body, and its antimicrobial capabilities. Manufacturers weave the best bamboo bed sheets carefully to have that superior quality.

There are several factors to consider in finding the best beddings for you and your family. Once you find it, you had better take care of it properly. Here is a simple guide for the proper caring techniques for your bamboo sheets.

Washing with Tender Care

If you are washing your bamboo sheets, make sure not to use too much detergent. As much as possible, use gentle cleaning supplies and run your washing machine to “gentle” mode. Use cold or warm water to avoid pilling of the fibers.

If there are some unavoidable stains in the sheets, you have to remember using a product that is without chlorine. Avoid using bleach. Since bamboo sheets are naturally soft, no need to use fabric softeners.

Dry It Gently

The best way to dry it is to hang it outside and let it dry naturally. However, there are some cases that this does not apply to your circumstances. So, the second best option is to machine dry it. You do not have to hurry in doing this, dry run it as gently as possible.

And once done, take it out right away to keep your sheets away from wrinkles.

Crumpled Sheets

If in case you were not able to take out the sheets from the dryer immediately, chances are it has wrinkles and crumples. You can still remove them by ironing lightly. Use the lowest possible level. 

You bamboo sheets will definitely take care of you while you sleep, so better do the same to them. That way, you can enjoy the many benefits of using bamboo sheets for a long time.