Here Are Ways to Make the Bathroom Safer For Your Aging Folks

Senior couple standing by a mirror in the bathroomOne of the most important facilities in any home is, without a doubt, the bathroom. However, it can also be one of the riskiest, particularly for your aging parents. As they grow older, seniors may find it harder to move around the house. With visibility and mobility problems setting in, it’s crucial to make every part of the house more accessible to the elderly.

Here are some tips to make your bathroom safer for your elderly loved ones:

Install a walk-in bathtub

A recurring problem the elderly face is mishaps while entering and exiting the bathroom. Walk-in bathtubs from Denver, provide an easy solution to this issue. These special tubs have a door that allows a person in and out without the need to step over and possibly trip over the rim of the tub. Having a door also means that seniors that use canes, walkers, and wheelchairs would have an easier time using the tub.

Improve the lighting

As vision problems set in, it’s crucial that you ensure the bathroom has adequate lighting to help them see better in the bathroom. Keep in mind that seniors may need to use the bathroom much more often, especially at night. Keeping the room brightly lit helps prevent falls that might cause injuries.

Invest in grab bars

Grab bars provide support for the elderly. These bars help them move around the bathroom easily with minimal assistance. These are especially helpful if your loved one already has mobility issues. Should anyone slip or lose their footing, having a grab bar within easy reach can prevent a catastrophic accident from happening.

Make the floor skidproof

The majority of falls and injuries in the bathroom happen due to slips. Make the floor as skid-proof as possible to prevent serious injuries. A good way to do this is to install textured decals. You could also throw in a rug in places where the decals don’t cover.

Among seniors, 80% of falls happen in the bathroom. If you’ve been thinking of making your home more accessible for seniors, the bathroom is a good place to start. With just a few changes, you can keep your elderly loved ones healthy and safe.