High Quality Chain Link Fencing: Improving the Security of Your Property

Chainlink fenceA chain link fence is a type of fence made using fabric wires that are hooked in a zigzag pattern. The diamond-shaped configuration characterises this fence. The posts made from tough and reliable steel hold the chains together. This type of barrier is also known as chain mesh, hurricane fencing and cyclone fencing.

Direct Trades Supply recommends chain link for commercial and rural fencing because it’s easy to install and maintain. There’s no need to maintain it regularly. You can occasionally wash the wire with soap and water.

Are you interested in putting up a chain link fence to protect your property? Placing a barbed wire on top or not is just one of the questions you have to think about. There are many other important considerations.

The four elements of chain link fencing

When planning for a perimeter installation, you have to consult with a fencing installation expert about the four elements of chain link fencing: framework, fabric, gates and fittings. All of these components are important. If your consultant is keen on helping you save on expenses while putting together a satisfactory structure, then you consider mixing and matching the components. If every element is chosen wisely, they will all come together to form a protective and sturdy structure around your property.

The considerations in choosing a fabric wire

The security of your property depends on your choice of fabric wire. Stainless steel is the most common material used. It is created by oxidising chromium on the surface of steel to strengthen it and make it resistant to damage from the elements.

Find a product with excellent coating, especially if you live near the coast, where the salty atmosphere corrodes the material. Coated fence products are more expensive, but with the protective zinc coating, the stainless steel fabric wire can last for a long time, especially with the addition of PVC, vinyl or polyester coat.

Secure your property with a high quality residential chain link fence. Choose a product with weather-resistant coating to make your fence durable.