Home Edition: 4 Shining, Shimmering Transformations Using String Lights

Christmas lights and other decorations hanging on a treeGlam up your house without spending a fortune. Achieve a brighter and lovelier abode with the use of string lights. You can do so much more with your residential homes with the use of Christmas lights alone, all you need is to be imaginative and clever ideas to turn these visions into reality. Here are some ideas:

A Dream-Like Canopy

Recreate a fantasy-like vibe into your sleeping nook by hanging string lights beneath your ceiling. This idea goes well if you have a free-flowing and translucent canopy curtains or draperies. The sparkle of lights coming from the little bulbs of string lights is a great mood-setter. It makes your room even more relaxing and cozier.

A Fabulous Terrarium Lights

Have a wonderful decor piece in any of the surfaces of your home with this next idea. If you're familiar with a terrarium, this is surely a no-brainer DIY for you. Follow the steps of terrarium-making and instead of soil and plants, you'll use lights. As you finish up, the choice of whether you choose to plug it directly to a power source or go for battery-operated lights. The decision is all up to you.

An Elegantly Hanging Chandelier

Flare up you boring and sloppy light fixtures. Here’s a clever way to instantly transform your home’s lighting. Create an improvised chandelier for the dining area out of rice lights. Depending on your own creativity or design you have in mind, you can pretty much come up with anything. This could definitely make a year-round decoration.

Ingenious Wall Decoration

Whether you’re up for something free-flowing or in shape, putting a little sparkle of lights on the wall can definitely make a big difference. Aside from a good mood changer, it’ll add charm and appeal to the ambiance and feel of your home. White lights are the definitely the best choice if you want to achieve a stylish yet classic finish. However, you’re still free to use other color lights. Simply be sure to use them wisely to avoid design obstructions.

Let your home glow up with these unique and creative design ideas. Try them and see for yourself.