Home Expressions: How Your Choice of Material Influences First Impressions

Home Expressions“Curb appeal” has become something of a buzz word when it comes to home design because, as with people, the first impression a house makes speaks volumes of its owners. Using natural materials, in particular, has made quite the comeback in recent years. Stone and wood are particular favorites in creating strong visual impressions.

Which Wood Should You Choose?

Homes that use wood for their exteriors and interiors give the sense of both warmth and luxury. Wood has only recently been properly grown for the purpose of home building and can still be quite expensive.

Different types of wood will give different impressions. Exterior French doors made with smooth-grained wood like mahogany or walnut speak of opulence, especially when paired with beautiful stained glass windows. If you choose a knottier wood, say pine or alder, then it gives it a more rustic, down-to-earth feel, despite the association of French doors with high-end designs.

The Impact of Stone

Stone gives an impression of cleanliness and strength. Polished stones like granite or marble are great for exteriors as they hold up well against weathering and create a striking impression when reflecting daylight. Rougher hewn stone, especially when used on exterior or accent walls add to the coziness of a home and can accentuate either a rustic or an opulent feel, depending on the accompanying decorations. One popular example of the use of stone in different finishes is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin house.

Personalized Design

Depending on the impression you wish to make, you can put together any combination of tile and wood, wood and wood, or tile and tile. The only limit is your own aesthetic, especially if you want your home to truly reflect who you are as a person or as a family.

A little reminder, though. Should you foresee the possibility that you will sell your house later on, putting too much of your own style into the design may be detrimental to the overall appeal. Buyers usually prefer homes in which they can picture living and if they see too much of you there, they might choose another house to turn into their home instead.