Home Maintenance 101: Ways to Prevent Clogs & Leaks in Your Plumbing

An expert plumberClogs and leaks in your plumbing are the last things you want to see in your home. Given that fact, it is normal to think of ways on how you can avert any possibilities of dealing with it. Not only because it is unsightly and smelly, but can also affect the overall functionality and value of your home. That’s why to prevent any problems with your plumbing, here are some precautionary steps you may take.

Stop using strong chemical solutions.

Commercial cleaners on clear or open drains can do more harm than help. Keep away from these products especially if you have properly working system. Harsh chemicals might even cause breakage on your plumbing, so just STOP.

Drains and toilets are not garbage cans.

Sanitary supplies, such as cleaning wipes, tissues, and feminine hygiene products must be thrown directly to the trash bin. While many bathroom products are labeled as “flushable” don’t necessarily mean you may simply dump it in your toilet or drain.

Don’t try to resolve the problem yourself.

You can fix some plumbing on your own, but that doesn’t mean you should do it every time. If you want to get a correct diagnosis and solution on your system, nothing does it better than a licensed, qualified and seasoned plumber.

Know your main water system.

Get oriented to the location of your home’s main water valve and emergency shut off valve. This can help you secure your place if something serious happens. Issues that involve your water valve will likely require a comprehensive main water service in Utah from providers like Beehive Plumbing for it to be addressed accordingly.

Avoid putting too much pressure on your drains.

High water pressure is the main cause of wasted water, leaks, and pipe damage. Test the pressure with a gauge which is usually placed in your main valve.

Remember these preventative tips to enjoy a perfectly working plumbing system. Check your pipes and drains constantly to look for any possible signs of leaks, cracks or breakage. If there are, be sure to fix and repair it immediately to avoid bigger problems.