How to Give Your Space a Subtle Industrial Design Feel

a beautiful house in Auckland, New ZealandThe contemporary industrial design aesthetic may have started as a fad or out of necessity as more and more industrial spaces needed to be converted into living spaces, but it has endured and won its own devoted following. If the industrial look is something that appeals to you but you live with people who have more traditional tastes, or you just want to add a few industrial design accents in your space, these tips are definitely for you.

Incorporate a Few Key Pieces with an Industrial Feel

You can keep your area predominantly traditional with dark wood finishes and combine with a few industrial accent pieces. You can add interesting metal cage pendant lighting fixtures, an accent piece like an industrial fan or install stairs with steel stringers. A few statement pieces and installations will go a long way in updating your space for a contemporary look without feeling like you moved into a warehouse.

Add Traditional Pieces in a Completely Modernised Space

You can also turn the formula upside down by completely modernising your space with polished concrete floors, exposing the beams and using stainless steel pipes in shelving and display units and then adding traditional accents like furniture and fabric to add more texture and give it a cosy feel. The result is contemporary but classy, and that is sure to win over your co-inhabitants with traditional preferences.

Update the Kitchen

Probably the easiest and fastest way to get that industrial look is to update your kitchen appliances to the stainless-steel variants. If it doesn’t tie in with the rest of the kitchen space, you can execute a quick fix by updating the backsplash with subway tiles and repainting the cabinetry and changing the knobs and handles.

If you want to have that contemporary industrial design space but don’t want to feel like you live in a repurposed office space, try out these tips to ease your way into the aesthetic and see if it’s right for you.