How to Introduce Texture in Your Home

person putting tiles on the floorIronically, texture is that interior design element that often goes forgotten when decorating spaces, but makes a noticeable difference when looked at. For the unfamiliar, texture refers to the perceived tactile characteristic of an element in the space, like the “feel” of a fur rug underneath your feet or the ragged edges of a stone fireplace.

Texture increases the aesthetic appeal of the space by providing points of visual interest and breaking the monotony of the design. Here are ways you can add texture to your home:

Highlight architectural elements.

If the house you got had chair rails or crown molding, that already has the potential of adding a distinct feel to the room. You only have to emphasize such elements, by, say, painting the walls a contrasting color or hanging an art piece near them.

Another good architectural element that brings texture is the fireplace. Stone fireplaces have intricate details, which instantly create a point of interest in the room, while sleek, contemporary gas fireplaces offer a smooth, polished feel perfect for industrial modern home styles. You can get the services of experts from Comfort Solutions for the installation of a gas fireplace in your Salt Lake City home.

Give your walls some TLC.

Walls take up so much space in a room that when you decorate them, they instantly give the space a different aesthetic feel. There are lots of pleasing wall treatments you can do, depending on the style you’re going for.

You can have use stone or wood material in one corner of a room, or add a patterned wallpaper to create an accent wall. Some homeowners who have narrow, long walls decorate them with bold graphics to create depth. But if you want a more natural treatment, you can literally build a “living” wall or an indoor vertical garden.

Choose furniture wisely.

Furniture pieces have different materials that can prompt various tactile qualities. For instance, marble tabletops offer a smooth touch, while rattan coffee tables offer an uneven feel. It’s important to have a balance of contrasting textures to avoid a design that looks flat and monotonous. Of course, the accent details and finishing touches in furniture also matter, like linens and the throw pillows.

Improve your home’s visual appeal by adding the design principle of texture. You can never go wrong with giving it a different “touch.”