How to Know When Mold Remediation is Finished

Mold buildup on the corner making a bad smellHas there has been a water problem at home? Perhaps you have seen or smelled mold. Prompt remediation or cleanup is key to keeping your property and family safe. But how will you know when mold cleanup is complete?

Here are some tips to help you out:

You’ve completely fixed the moisture problem

Moisture control is essential to mold control. If there has been water leaks or spills in your home, you need to act quickly. Otherwise, mold will grow on water-damaged materials or surfaces within 24-48 hours. Equally, you need to deal with an existing or potential moisture problem before you clean up any mold. Remediation, when there is still indoor moisture, will be an act of futility.

You’ve completed mold removal

After mold cleanup, there shouldn’t be any visible mold. Also, mold smells must not be present. Do a thorough inspection to check for visible mildew and lingering odors.

You’ve done a professional inspection

Shortly after cleanup and inspection, you need to go back and recheck the site. Make sure the area shows no indications of a water problem or mold growth. If there’s no visible mold, call the experts for a professional mold testing service in Utah. Surface sampling by a professional is the only to be sure that your home has been adequately remediated.

There are no more health concerns

Mold remediation won’t be complete if there are still health complaints or people are still experiencing mold-related symptoms. The cleanup will be finished when you can occupy or re-occupy the building without experiencing health problems.

It’s not easy to tell when mold remediation or cleanup is finished. After a mold removal job, inspect the site to see if there’s no more moisture or water damage. In addition, check if you can see or smell any remaining mold. If you can’t find any signs of mold growth, a professional inspection can be the key to your peace of mind.