How to Reduce VOC Exposure

As a responsible homeowner, it is only advisable to keep your properties clean and safe. Keep in mind that some of the household products you use every day may contain harmful chemicals that can lead to health problems.

volatile organic compoundVolatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are mostly present in household products like cleaners, paint strippers, and air fresheners. In recent studies, chronic exposure to such chemicals may lead to headaches, asthma, and even cancer. The effect of VOCs may vary from person to person. It also depends on many factors such as the number of hours you spend at home, your storage habits, or your home’s ventilation system.

So to reduce your exposure to these chemicals, always check the label of the products you buy and improve the ventilation system around the house.

Other ways to reduce VOC exposure

Proper storage solution

Gas cans, paint remover, and pesticides are some of the main sources of VOCs. So make sure to have a proper storage for these items. Experts also recommend having a detached shed for gas-powered equipment like chain saws, lawn mowers, and snow blowers. For leftover pesticides and other chemicals, contact your local waste department to find out where you can dispose them safely.

Inspect your garage

Since the garage is where you usually store your tools, it is advisable to check your garage regularly. Watch out for those loose holes around the ductwork that may air leakage into your basement. This may disperse VOCs all over the house. Seal those gaps with caulk and foam sealant. Some people also use charcoals and dehumidifiers to reduce smell and absorb harmful chemicals.

Your nose knows

Before you start working with paints or pungent cleaners, make sure to activate exhaust fans or open the windows. Trust your nose — if you smell unpleasant chemicals, you’re whiffing VOCs. The same thing goes when you bring vinyl or plastic items. suggests choosing products with GECA certificates.

These are some ways you can reduce VOC exposure. Pay attention to your household products. Do your research on specific items to ensure your safety.