Ideal Types of Lawn Grass for Cool Climates

Lawn Care LandscapingGrass is still the number one choice for most lawns nowadays even with the rise of other materials. To keep your yard looking lovely and to create the best first impression for your property, your grass needs to look healthy. This, however, is not an easy feat even with regular watering, mowing, and other DIY care routines.

The right grasses for your climate coupled with professional lawn care are the critical ingredients for flourishing grass in Salt Lake City properties. Most people in the US live in cold climates. Here are the best types of lawn grass for these climates.

Kentucky Bluegrass

This glass variety gets its name from its blue-green color. Kentucky bluegrass is dense, thick and has a beautiful texture. It is a drought tolerant grass variety but typically needs regular watering to maintain its color because it has shallow roots. The grass thrives in most well-drained soils.

Perennial Ryegrass

This grass variety has the best traffic and wears tolerance among all cool-climate grasses. It is hence ideal for residential lawns which are frequently used and playing fields. You can opt to mow perennial ryegrass closely or leave it to grow long. The grass does not, however, thrive in shaded places.


This grass has a fine texture and spreads using stolons. It will tolerate mowing heights of 1/4-3/4’’ incredibly well and forms a carpet-like, dense and soft lawn when planted in adequately drained soils. Compared to other cold climate grass varieties, however, bentgrass has the highest maintenance needs.

From the above-mentioned grass varieties, you are sure that your grass will always be greener compared to your neighbors’. For its care, ensure you pick a company with trained personnel and the right equipment for an excellent job. There is hence no reason you should opt for any other cover for your lawn other than natural grass.