Improve Your Room and Your Body with Natural Light

Let the Sun Shine in Your ApartmentA well-lit apartment in the city can be hard to find. And unless you plan on remodelling, assuming your landlord agrees, there’s not much you can do. Getting enough natural light in your apartment can have lots of benefits, an expert from Yes Blinds says. Aside from lowering your electricity bill, it can also highlight the beauty of fabrics and furniture in the room as well as improving your mood and boosting your immune system. But if you’re low on the natural light here are some things to brighten up your apartment.

1. Remove obstacles – The simplest way to maximise a room’s natural light is by clearing up space where it enters. Remove large or bulky furniture around the window area. The rule of thumb is your window should be visible from anywhere in the room. Keep your windowsills free from clutter and trim hedges or trees outside that may block light. Regularly cleaning your windows also ensures that you get the greatest amount of light in your room.

2. Use mirrors strategically – Adding mirrors and other reflective surfaces can double the amount of natural light your room receives. Position these items opposite windows to reflect the light coming through them. You may even track where beams of light move in your apartment and place reflective items on this path to disperse light.

3. Choose the right window treatment – Refrain from using heavy and light-blocking window treatments. Roman blinds can still block sunlight even when they are open. Instead, opt for roller or Holland blinds. Sheer draperies and Venetian blinds are also good choices.

4. Use light colours – If your landlord allows it, try to paint your ceiling a lighter shade than the walls. If your walls are already white, the ceiling should be painted flat white. However, if your walls are painted a dark colour, paint the ceiling with a lighter shade with a matte finish as this is a good choice for reflecting light. Choosing light colours for your furniture and decorations will also help.

With just a few tweaks in your apartment, you’ll lower your energy consumption and your body gets all the advantages of getting enough natural light. Let the light shine in and don’t be kept in the dark!