Innovative Techniques Used for Affordable Construction Projects

house under constructionHomeownership marks self-actualization for most people. Buying or constructing a house, however, used to be a high-capital venture, which made it beyond the reach of most people. Thankfully, there are now affordable houses available in various markets.

Most people think that affordable housing is a feat only achieved by cutting corners and using inferior materials. Lancaster New City Cavite notes that many affordable houses these days are constructed using the latest yet conveniently priced technologies and materials. This results in superior quality and affordability.

Here are some of those innovations:

Load Bearing Structures

The structure is one of the critical areas that determine the durability and strength of your house. Load bearing structures are the ideal option for affordable housing. They are cheaper than frame structures since they use fewer steel rods and concrete. These structures are also flexible, easier, and faster to construct.

Hollow Concrete Blocks

The foundation accounts for 10-15% of the overall project cost. Using hollow concrete blocks rather than stone bricks is the ideal option for cost cutting. The blocks are lightweight, affordable, and use less mortar for building load-bearing walls compared to stone bricks. Hollow concrete blocks are also eco-friendly and come with an added benefit of insulation.

Prefabricated Structural Elements

In this concept, all your home’s essential elements are constructed offsite and bought to the site in ready-made form. Some precast elements that may be used include your doors, windows, wall materials, and floor and roof slabs. These will reduce not only the construction costs but also the project’s timeframe.

The above techniques make affordable and speedy construction a reality without compromising your home’s strength and durability. They also save on energy costs, which are also among the highest in the building sector. You can invest in affordable housing without apprehension about your safety.