Inside the Fridge: Keeping Refrigerated Foods Safe

Refrigerator in Salt Lake CityA refrigerator is an important appliance in protecting your family from foodborne illnesses. This is because bacteria are most likely to thrive and multiply at room temperature, causing foodborne sickness. The right cooling temperature in the fridge can help preserve food and slow the growth of bacteria.

Apart from keeping the proper temperature, All Pro Appliance Service and Repair, Inc​ and other appliance service providers in Salt Lake City share some ways to make sure that refrigerated foods stay safe:

Wipe Food Spills

While chilling food can slow down the growth of some bacteria, other types can still grow at refrigerated temperatures. This is why it is best to wipe food spills, particularly drips from defrosting meats. This is beneficial in preventing cross-contamination or the spread of bacteria from one source to another.

Seal and Check Food

It is best to store foods in sealed storage bags or covered containers. Don’t forget to check leftovers for spoilage, as well as expiration dates. If the product is expired or beyond its “use by” date, throw it out. Note that while some food can stay indefinitely in the freezer, the taste and the quality may be greatly compromised.

Chill or Freeze Leftover

In the case of leftovers, chill or freeze them within two hours. It is also not true that putting hot meals inside can harm the fridge. If you want hot food to cool faster, put them in small containers before storing them inside the refrigerator.

Marinate in Fridge

When marinating food, be sure to keep it in the fridge. This is because bacteria can multiply rapidly when you leave food to marinate at room temperature. It is also important to take note that it is never advisable to reuse the marinating liquid as a sauce or dressing unless you boil it rapidly first.

Apart from these suggestions, note that the refrigerator is more efficient when full than empty. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should overfill it. Remember that cold air needs to circulate around food to keep them properly refrigerated. If the appliance seems barren, fill empty containers with water and store them inside the fridge.