Internal Migration: Why are People Choosing to Move Out of Metro Manila

man packing cardboard boxFresh air, open spaces, and peace are hardly the right words to use to describe Metro Manila. Most of the Metro is all about tall buildings, malls on every corner, and traffic that tests the patience of every driver or commuter. It may be the heart of the country, but it’s not a life that’s suited for everyone. Because of this, people are starting to leave the city for the provinces.

Why Leave the City

Many factors can lead a person to leave the city. It’s not that easy, especially when they’ve been living in it for so long. The demand for residential properties outside of Metro Manila is high, and South Property Sale understands just how difficult it is to do something as life-changing as buying a home, especially somewhere outside the city.

This is why several developments have been completed or are still undergoing. Leaving the city can be difficult, but there are specific factors of the city can take a toll on most people, which is why they look to migrating to provinces close enough to get to the city for work.

Some of the most common reasons for leaving include:

  • Cost of living – The cost of living in the province, especially for food and other products cost significantly less than in the Metro.
  • Properties at lower cost – Properties such as houses and lots would also cost less when compared to how much a simple condominium is in the city.
  • Less traffic – Fewer people mean fewer cars. Traffic in the provinces is like a breeze, compared to Manila’s heavy traffic.
  • Open spaces – Open spaces mean fresher air to breathe and little to no smog in the morning.
  • Easy access to vacation destinations – Idyllic beaches and breathtaking mountains are easier to get to when one is already living in the province.

Both the City and Provinces Have their Own Appeal

There’s nothing wrong with the city life. Sometimes, it’s even more convenient to live in the city with its proximity to almost everything one might need. Its different parts of Metro Manila also boasts of excellent nightlife scenes for those who want to party the night away or just need a chill drinking session with friends.

Same as with the province, it has its appeal as well. The air is fresher, and the noise level is significantly less than the city. People who live in the province get to enjoy nature at its best almost every day just because they are away from the urban jungle.

Both have their pros and cons, and leaving or remaining in the city or vice versa will merely depend on what kind of lifestyle a person prefers.