Is It Yet Time to Clean Your Furnace Ducts? Watch for These Signs

When to clean your furnace ductsWhen there is a significant amount of dust or debris in your furnace ducts, there are high chances that your system is not functioning optimally. For instance, your air filter could be working harder to maintain room temperature in your home should the equipment be heavily clogged with large obstructions, or even fine ones.

Duct Cleaning for AC Efficiency

Obstructions in the ductwork pose concerns to many homeowners in Salt Lake City with respect to the efficiency of air conditioning, risks of accidental fires, potential health problems and the cost of furnace duct cleaning. But are any of these fears a reason not to have your ductwork cleaned regularly? No. It is necessary that you schedule for regular furnace inspection to determine whether or not your air and furnace ducts need cleaning or maintenance.

Does Your Furnace Ductwork Need Cleaning? Watch for These Signs

The three major signs to watch for: mold infestation, rodent droppings, insects and dust obstruction. Mold infestation is usually the sign that is most difficult to identify; however, if you are getting a musty smell coming from the ductwork, it is a sure indication that your system is infected with mold. Should you find it difficult to identify signs of mold infestation, you can call in qualified HVAC technicians in Salt Lake City such as Larsen HVAC to inspect the ducts and carry out furnace duct cleaning, if there would be a need to.

On the other hand, the presence of insects and rodent droppings in your ducts is, in addition, a sign that these living creatures have nested in your furnace ducts; a more reason to have the duct cleaned.

Ductworks experience a lot of traffic of both air and living organisms, which means, for the system to function efficiently, you need to give the ducts as much attention as you give other surfaces that you clean regularly. Remaining with clogged ducts usually results to major blockages, which further result in higher energy costs in ensuring your air conditioner efficiently delivers clean air to all spaces in your home.