Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Yard Beautiful All Year Round

A well maintained garden landscapeThe end of the year is nigh, and with the cooler temperatures that fall and winter bring, the time has come to start preparing your lawn for the spring to follow. A popular misconception seems to be that because grass grows more slowly during the cold months, lawns require less care and maintenance.

Nothing could be further from the truth, however. As the colder fall months approach, the grass on your landscape is absorbing nutrients, moisture and sunlight to prepare itself for the winter to come. Here are care tips from the top commercial lawn care experts at Kissimmee to help your lawn overcome the harsh winter and flourish into a verdant carpet of green come spring.


Late fall to early winter is the best time to fertilize grasses such as Bermuda and other cool-season grasses. The hot summer months would have been tough on your lawn due to its active growth during the hot season. Nutrients lost during the summer need to be replenished to allow the ground nutritional leeway during the harsh winter months.

Mow Smart

Keep your grass short, but gradually lower the blade’s length setting as fall comes to an end. Mowing allows sunlight to reach new growth that would have otherwise been blocked, and helps prevent animals from burrowing into the lawn by depriving them of a warm place to sleep.

Keep It Clean and Tidy

The last thing you’d probably want to do on the weekend off during the cold autumn months is to rake and clean the lawn, but it has to be done. Fallen leaves become wet from rain and melting snow, and will eventually form a carpet of dead matter than suffocates the grass underneath and becomes a catalyst for fungal growth. Along with mowing, raking the lawn allows oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the grass’s roots more easily, giving your lawn the boost it needs to weather the winter.

Once you’ve taken care of these basics, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the winter holidays before the spring season arrives.