Microfiber Cloth: The New Cleaning Industry Standard

Microfiber ClothMicrofibers are thickly crafted nylon (polyamide) and polyester fibers roughly 1/16th the breadth of a human hair. Woven together, they form a surface area akin to a fine net featuring millions of microscopic spaces used to effectively trap dirt, moisture, and debris.

Microfiber towels can get into small crevices and cracks, while conventional cloth rags cannot. They can likewise generate a static charge that draws dirt in and traps it.

Easier and More Effective Mopping

The cleaning industry uses microfiber material to clean surfaces. It’s quickly becoming the standard because of the following benefits:

  • Improves cleaning power – Microfiber cloth can clean more efficiently since it can reach surface crevices and pores that traditional cotton loop mops can’t.
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contaminationHealthcare institutions and facilities now use microfiber. In a conscious effort to lower risks of cross-contamination in health centers, some states require the change of cleaning materials after cleaning each room. By using microfiber cloths, facilities comply with the law. Changing and cleaning microfiber material is a breeze.
  • Helps increase user productivity – Dipping a traditional mop and wringing it afterwards is a tiring task. On the other hand, as long as the microfiber mop used won’t be dipped again in the cleansing solution, you won’t have to worry about changing the solution in between mopping jobs.
  • Helps in lowering the risk of injuries – Microfiber mops reduce the chances of injuries because of their lighter weight. Cleaners find them easier to use and handle than traditional cotton mops.
  • Aids in reducing your use of chemicals and water – The microfiber material uses significantly less water than conventional cleaning cloths. According to TheRagmanCompany.com, it can absorb around five times its weight in water. This helps lower not only your water bill, but the risk of chemical exposure as well.

Your microfiber towel may just be one of the most important products in the cleaning industry. The microfiber’s benefits extend beyond the wellness of your workers. It aids in safeguarding the environment by lowering your use of toxic chemicals and water.