More Water with Rainwater from a Water Tank

Rain WaterNo matter if you live in an urban or rural area, water is still a valuable resource. You, and everyone else in Perth, commonly rely on the water supply. Now, a heatwave recently hit Central Australia, which may soon affect Perth weather in the coming days as well. With the coming heat, you may probably wish for more water to come your way.

Water from the Sky

Your wish for more water can be granted with rainwater tanks. To combat the extreme heat in the future, and to meet water needs, you can catch rainwater for your own private use. Rainwater is a great source of water, especially during strong downpours.

Water Quality

Rainwater is generally safe to consume and to use for cooking in rural areas. It can be contaminated by a number of different factors such as animal droppings, pollution, or unclean tank. You can protect your rainwater to keep it clean, especially in urban areas.

Protective Tasks

When you plan to use your collected rainwater with watering plants, washing your car, flushing the toilet and general cleaning, you simply need to keep your rainwater tank clean. You can also cover your tank for protection from the sun and any debris that may fall into your tank. Lastly, you can install a mesh over inlets and overflows to keep animals and insects out.


For purposes of drinking and cooking, you have to go the extra mile in protecting your rainwater. You can use a water filter to complement your water tank. A water filter from Rainfill Tanks & Curved Roofing Supplies can clean rainwater intended for drinking or cooking. You simply have to make sure that your filter is up to standard and is maintained properly.


Besides filtration, you can also disinfect your water to get rid of any harmful microorganisms. A simple disinfection method is boiling the water. You can do this before you cook. At the same time, you can also use chlorine, although can’t use the water for drinking or cooking anymore. Do you think you can use a rainwater tank in your home?