Options for Interior Door Construction

Front door made out of woodWhen building or renovating your space, you should evaluate your interior doors. These include the ones you will use for your hallways, closets and rooms. You should ensure that they meet the highest quality standards and your aesthetic objective.

These days, the best material for wooden interior doors is timber. When shopping for the ideal door, you will realise there are many options in the market to consider. Here are the primary construction types that you will encounter:

Solid Wood

This is typically the finest and most costly material. Solid wood doors look great, are long-lasting and have excellent sound and heat insulation. If you are looking for entries that increase your property’s value, these are the go-to option. However, solid wood doors are not an ideal choice in places with fluctuations in temperature. This is because these elements cause continuous wood expansion and contraction, which in turn result in warping.

Solid Core

This comprises plywood or moulded composite exteriors with a fibre-filled frame. Solid core doors have similar properties as solid wood doors but at a lower price. They also have higher fire ratings compared to hollow core doors. Like solid wood doors, they are unsuitable for humid areas.

Hollow Core

This comprises plywood exterior panels sandwiching a cardboard honeycomb. Hollow core doors are lightweight, cheap and cope considerably well with fluctuations of temperature. Still, they provide minimal sound and heat insulation and are easily damaged.

Your environment and budget are the primary determinants of the wooden door for your project. The given doors can be mounted in a flush or panelled fashion. Flush mounting is suitable for minimalist interiors, while panelled doors complement traditional décor.