Pest Infestations: Not a Peril Covered by Standard Insurance

home pest infestation As a Salt Lake City homeowner, you know how crucial your home insurance policy plays. It keeps you, your home, and your wallet safe from massive losses in the event of a covered disaster. Whether these losses occur due to damages caused by wind or fire, you know that you have your property and belongings protected from various perils.

What you most likely aren’t aware of is how this insurance product doesn’t come with coverage for losses occurring following a pest infestation. It’s for this reason that Greenside Pest Control suggests that you get rid of pests now before they completely take over your home.

The policy exclusion

While your policy may protect you from hazards, it most likely won’t when the damage has something to do with pest infestation. Yes, you can purchase coverage for it, but you shouldn’t let things go as far as having to deal with the problems they bring before acting upon it. Nor would you want to live in a home with unwanted guests that may put you and your loved ones’ health at risk.

Why you won’t get coverage

The simple reason that standard homeowner’s insurance policies exclude pest infestation damage is that their presence in your home signals neglect. These insurance products always exclude neglect.

Keep in mind that forgetting or overlooking even the smallest household chores, such as washing the dishes or taking out the garbage, can already attract menaces. Flies, cockroaches, rodents, and many other pests love these homes, so if you have such habits, it’s best that you kick them as early as now.

It’s not too late, but don’t wait until it is

Some pests are quite the danger to people’s health and safety, including those previously mentioned. These creatures carry, bring, and transmit diseases to humans that their infestation can render a home unlivable.

The last thing you want is to have to live elsewhere or suffer from the health problems they bring, so as early as now, have your home assessed and cleared of them.