Plantation Shutters and How they can Add Style and Value to Your Home

Window Solutions in PerthPlantation shutters are one of the most favourite types of window covers. If you’re looking for a highly beneficial window solution, this type of shutter is worth considering.

Here are some interesting things and valuable information about the many benefits of plantation shutters.

It was Originally Used in Plantation Homes

Shutters were introduced by the Spanish to the Americas. Owners of large plantation houses in the southern region used a rather different type of shutter that had wider louvres. From then on, it grew in popularity as plantation shutters. People from other places discovered the many benefits of installing plantation shutters and started to adapt it.

It is Different From Traditional Shutters

This type is different from the ‘traditional’ ones that were commonly used in homes in New England states. Traditional shutters have smaller, narrower louvres that help block a significant amount of sunlight, thus, blocking the outdoor view as well. Plantation shutters became more popular when the trend geared towards solutions that allow maximum use of natural light and windows that offer wide outdoor views.

It can Increase Your Home’s Value

Other than being less costly than other window covers such as draperies, plantation shutters can also increase your property’s value. Out of the many types of window solution, it is the only one that could be financed by the purchase of the house. The reason being these shutters are attractive and often stay in the house after the sale.

It is Used as a Design Statement

Other than being low maintenance and energy efficient, these shutters can also be used as a design feature, according to the experts from Action Awnings. Many interior designers incorporate them in various home interior styles and themes. If you go shopping for plantation shutters in Perth, you can find a wide array of colours and designs to choose from. They are traditionally used in kitchens, but now they have grown to be versatile aesthetic features of the entire house.

Plantation shutters can add style and value to your home. Look for a reputable supplier today and get its many benefits.