Pool Heating: Your Options for Residential and Commercial Properties

Man fixing water heaterMore and more homeowners and commercial property owners now see pool heaters as a necessity, and not just as an extra feature for their pool. With a heater, you get to enjoy your pool any time of the day or no matter what season it is.

But how do you know which type of pool heater to get for your residential and commercial properties? Your choices include heat pumps, solar heaters, and gas heaters. But among the most popular in Perth are the electric heat pumps, primarily because of their easy installation and low running costs. Here are some guidelines for choosing a pool heater:

How often do you use the pool?

When selecting a heater for your pool, you need to consider many factors. On top of the list, aside from the cost, are the size of your pool, how often you use the pool and how long it takes the heater to do its magic.

If you have a small swimming pool at home, for instance, one of your cheapest options would be a solar heater. This type of heater, however, will let you enjoy your pool only during the day or when the sun is out. This will also require you to set up solar collectors on your property’s roof. Meanwhile, gas heaters work better for larger pools since they heat water faster. The downside of this type of heater is the high cost involved.

Why choose an electric heat pump?

If you have an indoor pool, no matter the size, or you are a business operating spa, an electric heat pump would be best. For one, an electric heat pump will heat your pool no matter what the weather is or whether the sun is out or not. So this is good for homeowners who go for a swim regularly or for commercial properties that need to run their pools 24/7.

Heat pumps work by extracting heat from the air and transferring it to the water. They have low running costs and are more efficient than solar, propane or gas heaters.

When choosing a pool heater either for your home or commercial property, be sure to take into consideration the factors mentioned above to make a smart decision. In no time, you will get to enjoy the huge benefits of having a heated pool all-year round with no large dent in your wallet.