Pool Upgrade: Must-have Swimming Pool Fixtures for the Whole Family

Swimming Pool in PerthIt can be easy to increase the value of your home by simply customising the pool and adding extra features. A swimming pool remodeling project comes with endless possibilities. Swimming Pool The trick is to be creative and choose fixtures that make the pool and its surrounding area unique.


Nothing brings out the uniqueness and classic look of a pool more than an artificial waterfall. The illusion created by water trickling down through natural stones works with any pool size. What’s more is that falling water can be a good form of massage. If you have a lagoon style or free-style pool, then this would be an even more exciting fixture.

Glass Pool Fencing

Safety is a major concern for any pool owner, especially those with young children. This is where glass pool fencing comes in handy. Perth City Glass noted that this improves safety by making sure that unnecessary entrance is prohibited. You don’t have to worry about children (or pets) falling into the pool accidentally. Furthermore, glass fencing looks fabulous at night with the right lighting or the moon’s reflection.

Install Fountain Bubblers

Do you like the idea of miniature geysers? Then installing fountain bubblers is the project you can do around the pool. This is a favorite among kids and can work well for commercial purposes, like hotels. Furthermore, this is one of the most inexpensive fixtures you can add to your pool.

Extra Lightings

Lights have a way of transforming anything, especially when used appropriately. Choose the right colors to create the right atmosphere or ambience. Remember that different lighting sources bring out different effects and imperfections. Try different lights, especially at night, to get the effect you need.

There are a number of fixture ideas you can put in and around your swimming pool. Do your research to find out what works best for you. People have different tastes and preferences, after all.