Practical Ways to Protect Your Appliances from Power Surges

Small household appliancesAppliances make life easy and exciting. That is why you invested a lot of money in them. All those gadgets run on electricity. They say, ‘electricity can serve or kill you’. The same holds true for your gadgets, as the same electricity that makes them work can also ‘fry’ them.

So, are your gadgets protected from the power surge? Read on to learn how you can protect your appliances.

Unplug everything

This may sound simple and a no-brainer to most people. However, by just walking into several homes, you will be taken aback by the number of families who leave their appliances plugged in when not in use. Make it a habit to unplug all your devices when they are not in use and teach your household members to do the same. It’s not only a smart move to conserve energy; it’s also the easiest way to protect your appliances.

Point of use surge protectors

All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. notes that you can get surge protecting power strips for your home. In fact, any appliance service provider in Salt Lake City will tell you that this is an economical way of protecting your appliances. The strips have a fuse that is designed to fail in case of a voltage spike. This cuts off the power to your appliances; hence, protecting them.

Alternatively, you can use a simple surge protector that is plugged into your power outlet. It helps divert excess energy into its grounding wire away from your appliance.

Surge Arresters

A surge arrester is installed at the point where the power comes to your house. This ensures that the whole house is protected by stopping the influx of voltage before it comes to your home. However, you need a licensed electrical contractor to install it for you and avert any dangers that may arise from poor installation.

A power surge has no warning and lasts for only a fraction of a second, but the damage it does to your appliances will cost you loads of cash. This guide should enlighten you on how to protect your appliances from any damages that a power surge can cause.