Protect Your Family from Dirty Dangers

an exterminator workingYour home is the first place you think about when you feel unsafe. You expect it to be the safest place, but did you know it can be the opposite? From the dirty air you breathe to the unseen bacteria on surfaces people often touch, you might be subjecting yourself to more dangers when you’re at home.

Here’s how you change things and protect the family from dangers lurking inside your own home:

Manage Pests

Some pests are seasonal, as the weather change forces them out of their hiding places. If they’re anywhere near your home and you have dirty surroundings or food that is not stored properly, they will not hesitate to drop by for a visit. Before you’re even aware of it, they might have already made themselves at home. Most pests carry diseases, and their presence in your home means your family is exposed. Residential pest control is especially recommended for residents of San Juan, as the weather changes may have dispersed pests in your area.

Disinfect Surfaces

Dust is easier to clean once it has accumulated because you can see it. Bacteria and virus, however, remain unseen for the most part. You may think your surfaces are clean, but if someone inside the house is sick, they might leave traces on everything they touch, which may infect the next person. Any member of the family may also pick up viruses from outside and be a carrier of disease inside the house. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to disinfect items and surfaces; do it regularly and pay special attention to doorknobs during flu season.

Clean Air Filters

Air pollution is a rampant problem outdoors, but did you know the air inside the home may not be any better? If your air filters haven’t been cleaned in a while, you may be helping spread diseases at home. Instead of protecting the family, you’re the one making them sick when you consciously ignore the state of your air filters. Clean them regularly or replace them every few months to be safe.

No one wants to be surrounded by illnesses, but not everyone knows how to protect themselves. Start by keeping your home clean.