Provide a Steady Supply of Water for Your Family with 2 Simple and Proven Ways

A young girl drinking water in the kitchen As more evidence comes to light about the benefits keeping the hydrated, so does the rallying call to drink more water. Doctors and other health practitioners are constantly trying to increase your daily water intake. Studies benchmark consuming at least eight glasses of water daily as the best way to safeguard your health.

However, that is not a hard and fast rule that could spell doom for your health for failing to comply. It is more of a guideline as any fluids, including soups and beverages count as well. However, with frequent shortages and incidences of unsafe water, you need to take proactive measure to keep safe.

Harvest rainwater

Rain makes the most reliable source of clean drinking water, as it is free from any contaminants whatsoever. With proper harvesting and storage, you may not have to take additional measures to ensure purity. You can just pour it straight into a glass and quench your thirst. Therefore, you need to make sure that your harvesting apparatus does not introduce any contaminants into the water. Consult with a water purity expert when planning to harvest water to get the best possible roof over your home. Moreover, be sure to protect your gutter system from dust and debris.

Sink a well

If the laws in your state allow, you can sink a well in your property and ensure a constant supply of clean drinking water. Have a professional testing service test the water to ensure it is safe for human consumption. Sometimes the water may contain some contaminants that you would need to filter out before it’s safe for use.

Luckily, there are numerous water filtration systems to eliminate any unwanted substances from your drinking water. Consulting a water purification expert in Utah can help you get the best system for your home. Additionally, such experts boast the best water softener repair services in Salt Lake City to keep your system running smoothly.

With the state of your health tying closely with the amount of water you consume, you need a constant supply of clean water. Rainwater and wells are a sure way to safeguard your water supply. Just be sure to keep it sanitary and use a filter system to eliminate any possible contaminants.