Quick Upgrades For Your Garden This Summer

Girl Swimming in a PoolSummer is almost here and it’s the best season to spruce up your garden. However,  don’t just focus on what you want to grow this season. Chances are, there are many small upgrades you can build to make your backyard garden an even better green space. Here are four great suggestions.

  1. Get a garden tool storage shed.

If you still don’t have a proper garden tool storage shelter or shed, it’s time to tick this off from your to-do list this year. Most people keep their gardening tools in their garage, which can be dangerous if you have small children playing around even in cases when they are kept out of reach. Apart from dedicating a space for all your garden tools, getting a shed will help clear up space in your garage.

  1. Create a bird bath.

If you’ve always wanted a small fountain in your garden but don’t want to spend for maintenance, creating a medium-sized bird bath can be the next best thing. It’s definitely smaller, easier to maintain, and friendlier to feathery creatures in your own garden. You can complement this with a DIY bird feeder.

  1. Paint your cement tiles and walls with a fun colour.

In fact, level up a bit and create a fun mural that you can turn into great conversation starters. If you have friends who are mural artists, you can commission them to create a stunning piece of art. Otherwise, art is for everyone. Pick up your brush and start visualizing what you want to create.

  1. Create interesting stepping stone art pieces.

Who said stepping stones have to be boring? You can create leaf-shaped stepping stone pieces out of a large piece of leaf and some quick cement. It’s easy to do and a great DIY project you can do with your children. Use a sculpting pallet to improve the leaf details.

Creating An Interesting Space

You don’t need a big budget to upgrade your outdoor space. All you need is a vision. Give your backyard a new breath of life this summer with these fun but inexpensive upgrades.