Rain Gutters: Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

A man clearing leaves off a rain gutterPoorly designed and installed rain gutters are among the leading contributors to home deterioration. Gutter maintenance, however, can be time-consuming and tedious for the regular homeowner, so procrastinating on the job is common.

A great solution is to let a rain gutter specialist in Salt Lake City such as Double T. Inc. do the job for you. Having said that, here are some of the most common rain gutter mistakes that you should avoid:

Clogged gutters

When there is clogging in your gutters, water may stagnate and overflow. The excess weight can cause damage to the roof and its support system, foundation, siding, and to the gutter itself. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars.

No flashing installed at the eaves

If there is not enough flashing between the back of your gutters and the roof’s wooden support structure, the exposed bare wood may sustain damage from the debris and water that pass through the gutters. This can result in termites, dry rot, insect infestations, and roof rot.

Absence of splash blocks or drains

Upon leaving the downspouts, water must flow away from your home. New homes often come with underground drainpipes attached to the downspouts. Older homes, on the other hand, have splash blocks at the downspouts. Both of these options will help divert water away from the foundation and prevent mold and mildew from settling in the area.

Poor placement of downspout

An insufficient number or poor location of downspouts can cause overflows and standing water during a heavy downpour. These can cause rust and damage to various parts of your home. Necessary repairs can be very expensive.

Avoiding the rain gutter mistakes presented in this post can help prevent costly home repairs that poor rain gutter installation can cause. Always keep your gutters in good shape, and save a lot of money over the long term.