Reduce the High Cost of Your Air Conditioning Bills

Saving Electricity in UtahLiving comfortably has its price and this is true if you own an air conditioning unit. This equipment can significantly increase monthly electric bills in places like Bluffdale, particularly during the hot summer months. It will also require some air conditioning repair and maintenance from time to time to get them working properly and efficiently, says Airtime Heating & Cooling.

While using an air conditioning unit can cost you quite a bundle, there are a lot of AC owners who are able to cut corners in energy cost yet are still able to enjoy the benefits without compromising their cooling comfort.

Turn off when not in use

First and foremost, turn off an air conditioning unit that is not in use or if you are going to be out of the house. An AC unit that is left running is one of the major causes of expensive electric bills.

Use floor or ceiling fans

Use floor or ceiling fans during the early hours of the day when the temperature is still cooler and only switch on the air conditioner when the temperature gets too high for comfort. Don’t start the unit at a high setting. Let it run on a fan for a while and allow it to suck out the hot air out of the room. This will make it a lot easier on the unit to cool the room afterwards and save you some hours of operating cost.

Use the lowest cooling settings

It can also save you a lot of money if you switch the AC unit on its lowest setting in the evening and allow a ceiling fan to do most of the job of distributing the cool air inside the room. The lowest cooling settings make the compressor cycle and work less while still giving you the comfortable cool temperature you need. This is very useful, especially in the bedroom at night when most of the day’s heat is gone.

A small bit of trade-off is all you need to reap a lot of savings in your air conditioning use. Once you get used to this simple routine, cooling your home would just be as comfortable, but without the hassle of expensive monthly electric bills.