Renovating Your Bathroom with Blue

Blue Bathroom Blue is the world’s favorite color, as surveys suggest. If this is your preferred hue too, you can incorporate blue in some parts of the house, like the bathroom. This color exudes a calming vibe in the space, creating a soothing and a spa-like bathroom. Blue comes in different interesting shades, helping you create an appealing and stylish bath.

Bathroom remodel experts in Layton and other parts of Utah share some ways to use blue:

Blue Tiles in Walls or Floors

An accent wall in cool blue tiles can easily uplift the look of a simple bathroom. Bright blue tiles are a great choice, but if you want the reflective qualities of the ocean, sky blue tiles are the best option. You can use also mosaic tiles to cover a single wall or an entire bath, including the floors.

Blue Paint/Vanity

If covering the bath with blue tiles doesn’t appeal much to you, you can refresh a vanity with a blue paint. Upgrading the fixtures in the sink (think bronze faucets and cabinet hardware) can make it look classy. If budget permits, install a new countertop using highly polished marble to add more elegance.

Beach-Inspired Space

For a beach-inspired bath, you can use a cool blue paint for the walls and slate tiles for the floor. It is also best to allow much of natural light in the space for a refreshing feel. A wood vanity, like a maple or granite countertop, is also a great addition.

Subtle with Blue

If you want to stick with classic clean, white walls, use turquoise blue paint for the vanity and window frames to make them look more memorable. You can also choose to add traditional flooring for a rustic yet modern appeal. Then add subtle decorations in your preferred shade of blue.

Pale Blue Walls

Bright and cool shades of blue are great for most baths, but pale blue works too. Pale blue walls give a light and airy feel. You can then add a touch of luxury with an oversized mirror with a silver or gold frame. A vintage vanity or dresser provides additional elegance.

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be all blue, as you can pair this hue with other colors. White and gray works well with blue, giving a cool and modern look. Tan and sandy beige are good choices for a warmer feel, as well.