Renting? 5 Ways to Decorate a Home without Bending the Rules

decoratingIt’s important to feel comfortable in the space you live in. This can be tricky for people who rent because they are bound by rules set by their landlords. There are multiple ways to go around these rules and turn your apartment into a home all your own.

Design your own

If you can’t decorate the walls as you wish, decorate your own furniture. Make some out of recycled tools like plumbing pipes or reclaimed wood. These unique pieces can serve as effective focal points that will make your home rental feel more like home.

Ask what you can do

Ask your landlord if you can paint over the walls and just repaint it again once you’re ready to move. You can open up plenty of design opportunities if you have control over the color of your walls.

Get temporary wallpapers

You can get these at virtually any pattern or design. They are also inexpensive design options, especially for tenants who may want to redecorate every few months. This is a good solution in case your landlord doesn’t let you paint the walls.

Invest in artwork

Go to flea markets and buy interesting pieces. If you’re serious about collecting art one day, why not start with one piece and make it the crowning glory of your living room? Artwork makes a bold statement and requires less decoration around the room.

Adjust the lighting

Switch out the bulbs into wattage that will make your home feel cozier. You can also use lamps of various heights and designs to create a better mood and a more personal space. You can even create lamp cozies or designs that won’t mess with the original structure.

There are hundreds of ways to make your rental feel like home, all without spending thousands nor risk losing your security deposit! All it takes is a little time and imagination to truly make your borrowed space a personal sanctuary.