Restoration System Options Designed For Flat Roofs

Roofer constructing a roofYour building’s roof is its most crucial element.  It is also your property’s most exposed segment regardless of its design. Most property owners nowadays opt for flat roofs since they have minimal setup and maintenance requirements.

These roofs are unfortunately prone to ponding and damage from foot traffic because of their small pitch which in turn cause leaks and considerable water damage. You need not replace your entire flat roof because of the damage with the expertise of roof repair teams.

Here are different roof restoration systems the professionals might use for your roof’s repair:

Acrylic Systems

Acrylic repair systems have fully adhered seamless coatings, which offer resistance to plasticizer migration and water ponding. These systems are used on flat roofs made of asphalt or concrete. Some acrylic restoration systems have additives designed to avert algae and mold growth on flat roofs.

SPF {Spray Polyurethane Foam} Systems

SPF systems are usually used in conjunction with acrylic coatings. This way, you will benefit from the durable waterproofing properties of SPF as well as the superior performance of acrylic systems. This repair option reflects sun rays and is considerably strong and can withstand foot traffic. SPF repair systems can be used on metal, asphalt, concrete and wooden flat roofs.

Silicone Systems

These are the best choice for eco-conscious property owners as they have negligible VOC compounds. They can be splashed on a roof or used with a primer to improve their adhesion to the roofing material. Most silicone repair systems are reflective and will reduce your indoor heat. They are used to repair metal, concrete and asphalt roofs.

DIY application of the above systems might seem like the ideal cost-saving option. This, in most cases, is inefficient and causes more damage to the roof. Professional application of the systems with a certified and insured repair company is the inexpensive and efficient option for flat roof repair.