Restoring a Period Home? Here are the Major Starting Points

Newly-Restored HomeIf you’re a fan of old homes with lots of history and character and have picked a charming period property to restore, don’t get lost in the details that made you fall in love with the house in the first place. Even if you’re working with a generous budget, resist from matching cabinetries and picking out paint swatches just yet.

Direct your energy and attention towards the practical priorities first to maximise your resources and avoid do-overs. Here are major starting points in a period home where you should begin.

Replace or Repair Roofing

In any home, the first major issues often come from its roofing, so it’s expected that you’ll run into roofing issues in your period home, which you need to repair or replace as soon as possible to avoid further water damages. Contact roofing specialists to begin work on this area.

Rectify Water Damages

Encountering an old home free of water damages is rare. Older homes have inadequate perimeter and underfloor drainages compared to today’s standards. Rectify the sources of water damages the soonest to contain rot damage so that you can preserve more of the house’s original materials.

Repair Masonry

Most period homes are made of brick and mortar, which is also partly responsible for its old charm and appeal. However, these construction materials of old are susceptible to damages due to the settlement of the house’s foundation or just wear through the years. Inspect bricks around the chimney and fireplace by hand to see if it requires repointing. Repairing masonry all over strengthens the structural integrity of the whole house.

With these proper starting points in renovating a period home, you can prioritise and address important structural concerns and allocate adequate resources and time to the practical components first. This will allow greater freedom to tackle the interesting and fun aesthetic portion of the restoration knowing that the major issues have already been rectified.