Roof Maintenance: Keeping Them in Their Best Condition All Year Round

roof maintenancesRoofs are built to last for years, but if they are not properly maintained, they will fail to serve the purpose of protecting the home and the family. It’s important then that you keep the roofs in their best condition so you can ensure safety all year round, most especially when tropical cyclones and other natural disasters strike.

To extend the life of the roof and maintain its functionality, consider following these tips.

1. Remove debris from the gutter.

Debris in the gutters will cause great damages to the roof and may affect the entire home, that’s why professional roof contractors like Permacoat strongly recommends that you remove debris at least twice a year. Leaves, twigs, seeds, trash and other debris can block the flow of water and cause leakage into the house. Mould and moss will also grow in these damp corners.

2. Apply roof coating.

Roof coating adds protection to the roof and enables it to withstand harsh weather climates and natural disasters. It will also keep the roof from gathering moisture. There are roof restoration companies that offer tint formulations that will reduce the energy required to keep the optimal temperature at home.

3. Install proper ventilation.

Install proper ventilation to extend the life of the roof. It will prevent ice dams from forming during cold seasons and serve as an energy-efficient feature during summer because it will save energy required for air conditioning. Proper ventilation will also reduce the amount of humidity in the roof.

4. Repair broken shingles.

Strong winds and rains may cause shingles to be blown off or broken. Replace them immediately to avoid water damages that may affect the ceiling and floors at home. It’s best to get the help of professionals when installing new shingles to avoid accidents.

Keep the roofs in their best condition all year round. Schedule appointments with roofing specialists for regular maintenance.