Save a Life! What Everyone Should Know About Gas Leak Detection

gas rangeNatural gas is used in plenty of homes for cooking and heating. While considered, it does carry some risks in the unfortunate event of a gas leak. People lose their lives each year due to unrecognised or undetected gas leaks.

Below are warning indications of a gas leak.

  • A rotten cabbage or egg odour.

Natural gas is tasteless, odourless, and colourless in its pure state so fuel companies add an odourant that smells like rotten cabbage or egg for easier gas leak detection.

  • Blowing or hissing noises coming from appliances or pipes.

For travelling via pipelines, natural gas should be pressurised. A faulty seal, damaged pipe, or loose fittings will permit gas to escape the pipes resulting in blowing or hissing noises.

  • Flames — in the event of an ignition.

Flames occur when a gas leak coming from an appliance or pipe has been ignited with an electrical spark or pilot light.

  • Discoloured or dead vegetation surrounding the gas line area.

Because air is heavier than natural gas, gas rises in the event of a leak. If the vegetation within the area of your gas line is discoloured or dead, while other vegetation close to the area are healthy and green, this could be a sign of leaking gas underground.

  • Dirt or dust bubbling in flooded spots or coming from the ground.

This could likewise mean leaking gas underground and can be more hazardous since soil may filter the rotten odour that aids in gas leak detection.

Never attempt to identify the gas leak source by yourself and instead call the proper authorities when you suspect you have a gas leak. In most instances, you must engage the help of professional gas plumbers in Perth, like, for locating the gas leak source and subsequent repairs.

In addition, you should highly consider investing in a natural gas detector. These detectors can detect different types of gases such as methane, butane, and propane, as well as carbon dioxide.

A gas leak is extremely dangerous, and it’s just a matter of time before it turns into a worse situation. Do not fix it yourself, as it requires the aid of a specialist.